Perfect is the enemy of done

Information Maven: Greg Meyer

This is the 12th in a series of posts on Agile Marketing – the working definition of which is to “Create, communicate and deliver unique value to an always-changing consumer (or business) in an always-changing market with an always-changing product.”

« When in doubt, punt rather than wait »

Change is a fact of life, and especially in Agile marketing. Getting used to that change and the pace of change allows you to practice continuous improvement (or continuous pivoting) to match product and market needs.

Perfect is the enemy of done – one of the tenets of the Cult of Done is a great way to think about your role as an Agile marketer within a big or a small company. You can always find more work, and you will be measured on both how well you get things done, and by how many things you can do. So if you try to…

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